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The Festival of the Four Winds returns to Guild Wars 2 on July 24.

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Today Arenanet surprises us with the announcement of the return of one of the most acclaimed events by players: the Festival of the Four Winds.

It had been four years since the last time we were able to tour the Labyrinthine Cliffs or the Crown Pavilion. In fact, we almost considered his possible return impossible.

The team responsible for festivals had been trying to prepare an event of this type for the summer for some time, and this year they have finally had the opportunity to recover and update the mythical Festival of the Four Winds.

The event will start on next tuesday july 24 and will extend throughout the following three weeks, until August 14.

The team has not only repeated the event as we enjoyed it in 2014, but has introduced a large number of new features, according to the development of the story and the current possibilities of the game.

Some of these innovations will be:

  • New races, adventures and treasure hunts.
  • will be enabled use of mounts on the Cliffs. The verticality of the map certainly invites us to swoop down with our taps. On the other hand, we will see to what extent the use of some mounts can oversimplify certain content, for which we previously relied exclusively on the special abilities of Zephyrite crystals.
  • New enemies in the Crown Pavilion. The ogres will be replaced by another classic enemy of Kryta that has gained special notoriety in recent years: the White Mantle.
  • New enemies in the Queen’s Corridor! As if facing Liadri again wasn’t enough, once the classic challenges are overcome, we will have 5 new enemies, representative of human history, whom we can challenge in the order we want.
  • Of course, new achievements and rewards. As an example, we highlight a new mechanical knight tonic, the Mk2, with a renewed design and also usable in combat like the original.


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