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The final beta for Albion Online begins

Albion Online starts its final beta with new and interesting features. From this very moment, players with the status of “Legendary” Founders can already play. The rest of the players who have purchased any of the other packs will be able to enter in the following days.

After fine-tuning the servers, the German developer Sandbox Interactive has started the final phase of the beta of the MMORPG Albion Online. It’s a new beginning for the 160,000 Founders who will now be able to enter a new world and explore all the new improvements and features of the final version of the beta. Founders with the “Legendary” status have access to the final beta from this very moment. Founders “Epic” and “Veteran” will be able to join the “Legendaries” on August 2 and 3 respectively. Those who do not want to wait any longer, can now acquire the status of Founder in the shop of Albion Online.

In their quest to improve the player experience in Albion, Sandbox Interactive has restructured Destiny Board game and has modernized the guild battle system. In addition, he has added new features unions in general. The two new worlds: Royal Islands and The Outlands, will offer new ecosystems, such as swamps, steppes and mountains, with unique appearances and different settings. To stay competitive in these new environments, players can purchase Artifacts (weapons, armor, and items). But when they do, they’ll have to be smart about their actions and decisions, as with the new reputation and crime system, a record will be kept of who acts honorably and who plays dirty. This will become more than just a piece of data; the reputation of each player has a significant effect on the way the game reacts to them.

With its host of new features, the final beta offers huge new areas to discover; many possibilities for players to shape the world of Albion Online.


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