Artur Lonchkovsky, the former game designer Bloober Teamfor the first time, showed a fragment of his new project on Unreal Engine 5 informing that its a third-person survival horror. The author says his team want to take a tough line. And although the video itself seems creepy, Lonchkovsky notes that he wanted to show something soft, beginning with. That’s not any game to take on. Nevertheless, there will be a lot of blood in the style of Quentin Tarantino. Recall that Lonchkovsky became one of the reasons for the creation of Bloober Team in the series Silent Hill. He released a fully playable remake of the P.T. Emulation part, the part emulation of Hideko Kojimas cult demo. He created Death of Rose inspired by Firewatch and Silent Hill, and announced in May 2020 that he was working on The Medium.