Michael Deckert | 12/27/22 3:53 p.m.

Not only is the God of War: Ragnarok will be there this year at the Games Awards. Actor Christopher Judge even set a new record at the event.

The games 2022 have been very long this year. In the hours of the broadcast, many prizes were awarded and games were announced. However, right from the beginning, Christopher Judge wrestled some patience from the audience.

Since the mime, who embodies Kratos in the kings of the war and kings of the kings’ in the world, drew from the full in his acceptance speech. And has now set new world records.

Judge sets new world record for his acceptance speech.

The awards show began before the show. Along with Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic for the war of God, Ragnarok was also Ashly Burch for her role in “The War of the Dead” and in the series: “Funity, but it wouldn’t be the same for humanity” and “Earth” for the story of the Plague: Requiem and Manon Gage for the war of the world.

Even that night, Christopher Judge was awarded a gold medal. He turned down the opportunity and said thanks to all types of people in broadest respect and kept digressing with stories about God of War. The audience went from amuse to bored. In the meantime, the speech has become a joke.

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As the account of the Game Awards Twitter has now announced, Judge even set a new world record with his long speech. The longest acceptance speech ever made to date was given by Gillian Garson at the Oscars in 1942. It lasted five minutes and 30 seconds. Christopher Judge didn’t win at The Game Awards 2022, but his speech was fast and easy, as he lasted for seven and 59 minutes.

The banter surrounding his acceptance speech was a joke, he said. The event organizer, Geoff Keighley, was not afraid of the game awards. Judge, who recently thanked a few SciFi fans for his music and, as a consequence, expressed his appreciation in his tweet.

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