The new free game for Xbox With Gold and Game Pass has been announced recently. However, it’s time to provide owners with some new free games for limited time. January is Holy Week and not only.

As usual, the famous initiative of the Free Play Days will welcome some new products to the range of titles that can be tried without proceeding with the purchase. As mentioned in the beginning, the popular initiative of Microsoft’s environment will see the triumphal entry of the discussed Saints Row, the reboot of the iconic saga developed by Volition and landed on all platforms in 2022.

As well as this, there will be other books that will also be free. For The King of the world, Cricket 22 is available for download. The month of January 2023 begins by chance because of the joy of having some interesting experiences with high budget and other experiences that can satisfy many users. So as always, the free games will only be short on time – start at 21:01 on the 5th and end at 20:59 on the 8th.

In return, the three videogame experiences mentioned above won’t give you a lot of time to take their hands on which these can be tested for free, and they are in full versions. In fact, the three productions will be playable in their standard edition. The content is also quite rich on the economic front: we are talking about a market value of roughly 145 dollars.

When the Free Play Days arrive a few days after the announcement of the Free Games of Xbox Live and Game Pass Ultimate, For the King will be available for purchase at $75%.