In the days followed the official announcement of the Amnesia Bunker, beginning November 2014, the Swedish developers shared multiple gameplay clips, including one in which they urged them to promote the implementation of physics in survival horrors, through a brick.

Today at the end of 2022, we can instead enjoy a short teaser trailer, unfortunately not very revealing. This trailer is perfect for keeping the claustrophobic atmosphere of the First World War bunker in which the story occurs. With the single bullet in the magazine alone alone, the protagonist a French soldier named Henri Clement is called to survive the oppressive darkness and to the unidentified strands that are hidden inside. The guys at Frictional Games ensure that everything at his disposal influence the progress of the adventure and the reactions of the game environment, a mechanic which, along with the randomization system, will help keep the tension steady and make each playthrough unique and different from the others.

Before you leave and watch the teaser trailer for Amensia: The Bunker is at the top of this news, please remind you that the game is expected for the month of March 2023 on Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4 and PC, followed by arrival at day-one in the catalog of Xbox and PC Game Pass. While you are at it, you should review the latest episode with the review of Amnesia: Rebirth.