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The Ironsight shooter is updated with duels and a new map

gamigo update your shooter Free To Play with a new game mode “ranked”, new map and other news. With the duel mode, players will be able to face each other one by one to see who is the best in the ranking. With the update also comes a main weapon and the ballistic shield to protect yourself from impacts.

The game will receive a new ranking mode: Duel, to add more challenges to the Sci-Fi Shooter. Players can take down their enemies one by one to rise to the top. At the end of each season, the most powerful mercenaries will receive exclusive rewards depending on the rank they have achieved.

Several new options and cameras have been added for the spectator modesuch as X-rays, static cameras and more. The popular city center map has been graphically revised. Additionally, the update brings new weapon skins and technical improvements to the online shooter.


Full Tower Patch Notes


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