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The journey through Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is now available on Xbox One

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When the universe is on the verge of collapsing, there’s nothing more exhilarating than a journey to a multiple kingdom conflict zone for some RPG action… are you coming along for the ride?

In Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, you join Chado, Poky and others on a flying ship, before it crash-lands on a dangerous island. As you are right in the middle of a massive conflict, Chado’s special ability to communicate to a mysterious magical spirit, the Shiness, will come in handy in order to restore peace. Prepare to be thrown into battles seamlessly, having to combine attacks with parrying, dodging and combos in order to claim victory. Each of the playable characters has unique abilities to utilise in both fighting and puzzle solving.

If you’re wondering whether Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is worth the £24.99 price tag, don’t worry because we’ll have a full review up later today for your reading pleasure. When you’ve made up your mind, feel free to head on over to the Xbox Games Store!

Game Description:

Shiness is an action-RPG that takes you on a journey across a universe on the verge of collapse. Join Chado and his companions on their flying ship, as they travel between celestial islands in the wake of the devastated planet Mahera…

After crash-landing on a hostile island, you quickly find yourself in the middle of a conflict spanning multiple kingdoms. However, thanks to Chado’s newfound ability to communicate with the Shiness, a mysterious spirit imbued with magic, this explosive situation might find a peaceful outcome.

Face off against dangerous enemies in hyper-dynamic fights, mixing magic with traditional fighting game mechanics. Gain experience to evolve your characters, learning exciting new skills and spells. Become the hero who will ultimately unify the civilizations of Mahera!

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