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The King Of Fighters 15 First 3 Characters Revealed, Leona And K’ Look Set To Appear As Well

SNK has finally shared some details on The King of Fighters 15 after revealing the game more than a year ago, including the first 3 characters for the game and a tease that Leona and K’ are set to appear as well.

In a new character announcement for the game from IGN, the developers of the game announce that Kyo, Benimaru, and Shun’ei will all return to the game, with Shun’ei as the led protagonist of the story, along with a set of new moves. Then as @Nibellion points out on Twitter, we get a brief glimpse of Leona and K’ at the very start of the trailer, but no details were shared on the characters.


The King of Fighters 15 was announced all the way back in August 2019 at EVO 2019. Since then we haven’t heard anything from the game, but it is nice to finally have some details. SNK, the publisher behind the game recently received obtained a new stockholder, in the form of The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

The King of Fighters 15 is expected to release for PS5 and PS4 in 2021.

Source – [IGN, @Nibellion]

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