Star Wars and theater are everything from Jedi to lightabers. The next and only known film, Star Wars movie was apparently canceled. Rogue Squadron (aka Star Wars: Rogue Squadron) was due to hit cinemas around Christmas 2023 in the world, but has since been totally scrapped.

Why was the Rogue Squadron canceled?

There were already a few problems when working on Rogue Squadron. Patty Jenkins was signed director for her work on Wonder Woman 1984. A new postponement was announced on the day after 2021. Offeneously, the reason for the reason is that Jenkins was so busy with other projects, and now she’s working on a third film, Wonder Woman, and on a Cleopatra strip. But rumor says there was creative differences, too. Jenkins pointed out that during one interview, it’s really time-consuming to take into consideration the numerous specifications and to clarify all decisions.

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The last blaster that Han Solo sold for astronomical money was a slick money.

The last bomber from Star Wars Episode IV, a New Hope recently was auctioned off.

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That’s a very different manner of working. Im constantly on the phone with everybody and im at Zoom meetings with everyone in Star Wars. When I get through the story that I want to tell, I get used to it. To know who did what, whos doing what, where it’s going and how it all worked and how they were created is an extremely different way of working that takes some time getting used to.

What are the films of the Star Wars? When does Episode X arrive?

The two Game of Thrones authors Benioff and Weiss, who actually were supposed to write a Star Wars film series, dropped off off because of time management issues. The two decided to work for Netflix in the conflict. The first part of the Benioff Weiss film should have started in 2023. After the collaboration with the GoT showrunners ended, Rogue Squadron should fill the timelot in the Christmas business 2023, which is falling through, too. In fact, what became of the movie series or would perhaps change hands.

The following trilogy will be directed, produced and written by Rian Johnson (who created the Star Wars Episode 8: Last Jedi). It was announced in 2017 and since then Johnson has repeatedly denied that it had been canceled on his Twitter profile in the meantime. There is still no date for Star Wars: Episode X. Otherwise, an information shortage is coming. According to Johnson, his trilogy will investigate a new cast of characters not to be considered to be familiar with the original characters in the film, but the new cast will appear soon.

The director of the film starring Tony for Twilight: the bluff and thunder, was recently hired by his wife. Unlike his interpretation of Thor, it’s worth considering that it should be a little different than usual Star Wars films, but still do good with the original. Since there was still no title, Waititis strip should replace the Star Wars gap in cinemas at the end of 2023.

Kevin Feige (Auto-Engineering) is already working on a Star Wars film. There’s no title yet, the project is still in a very early phase. It was announced in 2019.

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What did the future of Star Wars look like?

While the future of Star Wars in cinemas is unclear at the moment, more is happening in the series. Next week, September 21, 2022, Andor launches on Disney Plus. Season 1 is complete with twelve episodes, Season 2 has already been confirmed and should have the same number of episodes. Season 3 of The Mandalorian is set to air in early 2023, with the production of Star Wars and K.S.K.A. and K.S.S.A. for the same year. The series Acolyte still has no start date, so Rangers and Lando will also have a start date.