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The next closed beta of Blue Protocol will be on April 23

Today we have known the date for the next closed test of Blue Protocol. The long-awaited anime MMORPG can be retested in Japan, and by the Japanese, on April 23. According to the company they have been invited to 5,000 new players.

The company is being very active on Twitter and they share a lot of information, such as the dungeon location, enemies and the Temple of Baffaria.

Foreign beta testers: Banned

Outside players are being banned. Apparently some players had gotten friend invites for the beta from fellow Japanese. On the official page we have been able to read a message from one of these invited foreign friends saying that he had been banned. When translating the web we can read that access to the beta is revoked for not complying with the rules.

Source | Twitter

Thank you Xilver for the warning in our Discord.


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