A first chapter of Fortnite will end this Saturday, and the third chapter will end on the ground that Saturday, what it is likely to be an extremely spectacular event Epic Games have called Fracture. Official details about how to expect at chapter three becoming chapter four are limited yet now, but leaks have really damaged Fortnite’s fortnight weekend.


Do not panic in case you want it spoiled as long as you get ready for Fracture. We won’t spoil anything here, but be careful in the future, if you follow Fortnite news reports. If you don’t want the event being spoiled, the Reddit post below contains links to all the confirmed and potential leaks.

CONFIDENT: Fortnite reopened All Other Battle Royale Games For Me.

The biggest leak is a sound file that runs for more than four minutes. The clip shows so ethereal music, and also a couple of voice lines that could spoil the event. The other confirms a leak, and it seems there were official sketches to be prepared for Fracture. The word Reforged is currently being thrown around in an effort to convince players to give it to the new season.

Fortnite has a few days to leak, but the Leakers have no AES keys to all encrypted files from GamingLeaksAndRumours.

Fortnite leaks are not new, but they are on a different level. Usually, it’s something about a potential crossover, clearly not tied up in enough code to be all that concerned if it happens to the fact that the information isn’t getting all that involved. The Fracture event details leaking out almost a full week before the event is a completely different matter. The Epic employee is basically right about the information making it out of its way.

Chapter 3 coming to a close, nearly one year after it began, is in fact a controversial decision by Epic. Chapitre one ran for two years, and the second chapter was even longer. At 4 years old, a third of this chapter has been Fortnite’s shortest in many years. Taking years to complete chapters may make this the norm for the BR game moving forward.