The Op announced two new editions this week, with the launch of The Grinch and Labyrinth versions. As we progress towards the holiday season, we’re seeing more titles popping up that will become an staple of the next few months. This brings about special editions of anything because they tend to do well with fans of that franchise. These two films play different ways. One of them is hunting down where your lost baby brother is, while the other is determining what the grinch got caught stealing. We have a few details on the two games below, as they are on sale now for $45.

Credit: The Op.

Lizzy: Indyrinth!

Imagine the wonders of Jim Henson’s classic 80s fantasy novel in this fascinating version of the classic mystery game. In Clue: Labyrinth, Sarah’s baby brother Toby has been taken by Jareth, a Goblin-king, and it’s to her and the curious creatures she meets in a moth to rescue him. Take on the roles of Sarah, Hoggle, Sir Didymus, Ludo, The Wise Man, and Worm to navigate locations of the Labyrinth to decide WHO Jareth is secretly controlling, What cursed object he used against Sarah, and WHERE Toby was hidden!

Credit: The Op.

Cultivation: How the rabbit is making Christmas fun of that cows.

A timeless holiday crime is up to you to solve in this nostalgic version of the classic mystery game. Based on Dr. Seuss’s story, The Grinch Stole Christmas will allow players to wear the shoes of Cindy-Lou and Papa Who, and other residents of Whoville to determine who caught “the mean one” in the act, What object The Grinch stuffed up the chimney, and where the parcel was put from?