Nightmares become real!

Welcome to the darkest nightmares. The bad news is that for this one, you can’t sleep. Today Maximum Games are excited to announce the release date for the PC version of their narrative-driven horror adventure, Nightmare. Following a previous release of the PlayStation consoles this year, the PC version, which started November 29th, will include all the releases in the game. A press release provides more details about the cdc.

The story of Nightmare exposes players to the vividly dark dreams of young people. Having closed himself to the world to avoid his pain, the boy has a deep, dark sleep. The child awakens in an evening dream-scape without escape. Players experience a variety of puzzles while also dealing with the puzzle of stealth and chase. Of course you’re not alone in this dreamscape. The horrors that you are getting to experience are true in the end. Importantly, the boy must find the last pieces of love and light in a nightmare or to get stuck forever.

Of course, players can even check out the launch trailer from earlier this year to see what the game was like. From the horrors that await players in the nightmare, to art styles and more. Please eat the trailer here.

Nightmare will be coming on PC on November 29th 2022. This game is now available on Steam. So, will you break into the nightmare?