Lightning Games and developers from the independent Chinese studio Blingame announced the exact date for a post-apocalyptic action-platformer HAAK.

Image Source: Lightning Games.

Remember that HAAK started in the Steam Early Access case, September 16, 2019 from the beginning. After that, a full-fledged premiere was planned within 12 months, but production delayed.

The release version of HAAK will be available on the PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch on August 25 this year. The announcement was supported by a 1 minute videogame trailer (see below).

HAAK events will unfold in post-apocalyptic wasteland. Users should acquire skills, fight mysterious organizations and uncover the biggest secret of the game.

The developers promise a multifunctional energy hook for interaction with the environment, long and complex side quests, an environment of isolation and convenient control.

If you notice errors, press the mouse and pick a “select” button.