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The Sandbox Releases Major Map and Dashboard Upgrade

The Sandbox, a multidimensional voxel playground, has released a major update to its map and dashboard. Explorers of this new Metaversal frontier can now easily and precisely navigate the virtual world.

Through the gleaming new interface, users can effortlessly navigate an ecosystem overview of The Sandbox. Understanding the multicultural environment and its locations has never been easier. Users will experience a lightning-fast refresh rate and be able to zoom in significantly closer than in the past.

The dashboard’s revamped appearance includes a number of new features. Consequently, the tool’s users can now filter by LAND for sale and view the location and price. In the meantime, clicking on any occupied parcel will display its associated information and permit users to submit an offer for the LAND. Additionally, an additional set of filters has been added to enable users to view The Sandbox’s official brand partners.

For now, the new system still lacks a dedicated search function, however, Sandbox has confirmed that one is on the way. So, keep tabs on The Sandbox Twitter for further information!

The Sandbox Map in Brief

The Sandbox launched the whole new Sandbox Metaverse Map on September 29th. The new features included better max speed, the latest version of the legacy map, and the option to share your map view. The Sandbox also introduced an interactive Filtered Searching feature:

  • Premium LANDs: Allows to see only premium LANDs sold or unsold. Add the “On sale” filter to see only those for sale.
  • LANDs on OpenSea: Allows to see LANDs for sale on OpenSea.
  • LANDs by size: Filters LANDs by size

Apart from the above-mentioned feature the metaverse game has a new lite mode. When the lite mode is active, images will be displayed based on the zoom level. If you zoom out, you will only see the large Estate images, but as you zoom in, all images will become visible. This improves navigation and loading times; with the Lite Map mode enabled, you can now navigate the map more quickly and smoothly.

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