That’s known to be celebrating its 15th anniversary. So now its being celebrated in a somewhat whimsical way. The series has its own whiskey and more spirits are in the pipeline.

If you like to have a good stop, or just want to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Assassins Creed, then you will have the right thing delivered in a soon future. Antheum Studios announced the release of its own whiskey for the Ubisoft series and wants to deliver new materials.

Before you leave, there’s now the Assassins Creed 15th Anniversary Straight Bourbon Whiskey that you can find in the above picture. The good piece can be ordered on the official website and cost 69 dollars per bottle. The delivery will not take place until September.

However, but Antheum doesn’t want to stop there as they also plan on adding the Black Flag and the Valhalla vodka to the series of events in September. That would eventually complete the fate triumvirate of Assassins Creed.

This company is dedicated to licensing film, television, sports and gaming titles to fans of these brands. This makes the spirits drink alcohol.

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