And leaking continues. On the internet, a build of Duke Nukem Forever leaked in May 2022. The prey version leaked on the other side of the world. The source code for the arcade version of Mortal Kombat 2 a was then sent to the internet. And this week the source code for PC games was leaked onto the internet, before Dungeon Siege came out the other day. Today the brutal shooter Blood 1996 was the culprit.

Dungeon Siege was released in 2002. There are single players and multiplayer modes in the 00s.

Blood is a First-Sit shooter that uses the Build Engine. In 2019, Nightdive released a remastered version, Blood Fresh Supply. However, unlike any other remastering site that nightdive has already come up with major improvements to the game.

Theoretically, now that the source codes are freely available, we can use native ray-traced versions of these two games. We’ve got Doom Ray Traced, therefore, we’d like a similar project for Blood. Modders can replace the games sprites with the HD version or replace them with voxels.