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The limited time period launches tomorrow. Each one of selected heroes takes on a role of a specific god. This trailer, and all the details of the message, is sold by the seller.

In a trailer, Blizzard Entertainment presents battle for Olympus. This game is based on the second season’s theme: Greek mythology. The selected heroes earn divine power and fight each other by means of a free-for-all rule.

The hero with the lowest elimination wins at the end. On the other hand, a global ranking list is being planned, assorted eliminations of the players must be considered. The city’s most graves will attract people.

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Seven heroes are gods.

The following heroes are composed of gods of Greek nature: Greek and Greek.

Killing queen: a mighty scream and tantrum that explodes the enemies with lightning. Roadhog: Is so heavy that a person shoots boulders after a moment. A lot of other nations can move, and it can heal as a lot of the people demolished in the water. Ramattra (Poseidon): A whirl puts enemies into the air. A little moaning-sheen. It does if she strikes someone on a ball. Reinhardt (Minotaur): Apparently he gets a charge on the assault.

This mode will be available tomorrow. You have two weeks to play. Hence the end date is April 19th.

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