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The Weekly MMO episode 110 – Video summary of the week

Summary with the most outstanding news and current affairs of the past week. News with new releases, MMORPGs, free-to-play games, announcements and all kinds of news and updates.

This week two popular games for different reasons like No Man’s Sky and STARDEW VALLEY have announced their respective multiplayer modes. we have the anniversary of FORTNITE just around the corner and we talk about Raiders of the Broken Planet new and interesting projects so all this and much more is the weekly mmo episode 110

News summary from July 16 to 22, 2018


  • 0:39 NO MAN’S SKY NEXT
  • 4:11 SEED
  • 6:07 GUILD WARS 2
  • 7:01 OVERWATCH
  • 7:51 SURVIVED BY
  • 9:05 FORTNITE

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