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Theorycraft, Studio Founded by Ex Riot, Blizzard, & Valve Devs Raises $50M and Reveals 1st Game Codenamed ‘Loki’

Theorycraft, a Los Angeles based game developer founded by ex Riot Games, Blizzard, and Valve developers, announced today that they raised $50m in funding in a series B round led by Makers Fund.

Theorycraft also revealed their first title codenamed ‘Loki’ which they describes as:

Featuring an expansive cast of unique heroes, Loki is a competitive, team-based game of adventure, creativity, and high-stakes combat, with inspiration drawn from Theorycraft’s past collective experiences working on titles like League of Legends, Overwatch, Halo and VALORANT.

The company also announced two notable hires with the fundraising announcement. Jon Belliss, a League of Legends game director, and Andrew Yip, a Legends of Runeterra game director, both joined Theorycraft to work on Loki.

There’s very little details on what Theorycraft looks like or what the game even is, but I suspect we’ll learn more in the coming months. Especially since they announced a playtest in a few weeks. We know the game features heroes and at least one character is holding a gun, so perhaps a tactical hero shooter of some kind? The picture below shows off 4 of the game’s chacters. The character with the white hair looks a bit like Jett from Valorant.

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