The electric bicycle Nireeka Revenant uses a crowdfunding campaign to get his money in on the market. The particularity of the VTTAE is in the presence of an ABS and a double suspension system.

Source : Nireeka.

Since he was based in Canada, Nireeka has been distinguished by a couple of electric bike styles, and with a design of the Nyx, the design is often accurate. The manufacturer returns to the store in a brand new model, called Revenant, of which a graceful look reveals muscular aesthetic lines.

It definitely belongs to the e-MTB category, due to its dual suspension system of 140 mm of travel each suspension fork up front, and the O2-shock in the rear. Using its carbon frame the machine is able to weigh 24 kg. This is good for an eMTB.

Tired motor, and torque.

The result of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo got it to the first edition: one with a power of 1000 W illegal here; the other with a power of 250 W which is, therefore, conforming to the European legislation. All with a full power power of 85 Nm supplied by a Bafang engine.

Nireeka – Source : Nireeka – Kossoka.

Source: Nireeka.

Source: Nireeka.

Source: Nireeka.

If the motor is put on the steering wheel, the Revenant still benefits from a torque sensor that is always welcome. With this, the electric aid is absorbed proportionally by the force you put into the pedal. Like a rotation sensor, the robot sends assistance immediately after the pedal turn detects.

The torque sensor has the advantage of bringing a more natural driving experience. One more important distinction to highlight is the presence of an ABS. This system makes it simple for manual and manual response to the braking pressure to prevent any wheel lock.

ABS optional

To get the back, the supplier would prefer to take over the supplier. Note that Bosch also has its own system that we have able to test at the end of 2022, if it has an amazing result. Most of the items have a nine-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain, Shimano Diore hydraulic disc brakes, 27-inch wheels and 480 Wh battery.

The introductory offer starts at 2167 euros; whereas 2883 in ordinary times, the delivery is not included. Please note that ABS is a service provider for 300 euros, according to Hybridos y Electricos. A model that meets European laws can be delivered from February 2023, with the sizes S, M and L available.

The Crafty XR LTD is the latest piece of the Spanish manufacturer Mondraker. For this occasion the highly equipped electric mountain bike uses the latest Bosch, the famous Performance Line CX Race.

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