To the success of a show, the cast and the crew are extremely important, and that’s why a show is so important. The opening has, in turn, a tremendous impact, as it is the first line between the spectator and the production. Hence, a captivater can be done to the first minute after being completed.

With that in mind we prepared the list of the best music from the TV show opening and we were certain you could find them most useful. Are we trying to check this?

10. Stranger Things

A good series opening must be able to bring the viewer to the production he is about to watch and Stranger Things is just something that is possible to provide. The tracks Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon composed with dark elements make us nervous for the dark city of Hawkins, where everything else strange happens.

9. The Simpsons

(Source: Fox & DisDisclosure)Source: Fox & DisDisclosure – Source: Fox.

The Simpsons is very memorable for generations, but it’s due to the script too, too. The soundtrack is also a spectacle.

Danny Elfman composed the opening song as well as many works such as Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Spider-Man.

8. Cheers

Even if you don’t know it, it’s very likely that you are known to the opening of Cheers. The comedy series aired between 1982 and 1993 is a perfect example of how a show can be immortalized in public opinion.

Hearing it shows that the problem will disappear for the next 30 minutes and we can relax with the misrepresentations of the characters.

7. Os Flintstones

(Source: Cartoons/Disclosure)Source: Cartonn

What does this anime teach you so much about, like like these all, and scouts and happy characters? The opening of the Flintstones is the perfect answer to that.

With a full band on instrumentals and uplifting vocals, the song gets stuck in the song.

6. The Crazy Horse is the first.

Since we’re opening the Um Maluco no Pedaco, it’s really a part of us. The composers chose the lyrics to explain that story. The decision worked perfectly.

From the opening point you can tell what we’re about to see just when hip-hop is in the background.

5. Spongebob

It is not without meaning to talk about timeless animation without mentioning SpongeBob. After a lifetime of design, people today memorized the opening song with many children and adults.

The track is also informative and introduces the protagonist, the case of the no-Pedaco Um Maluco.

4. Completed

(Source: NBC/Disclosure)Source: NBC/Disclosure.

The opening of Supergatas was already a success before it was chosen, because thanks for being a Friend, which was played by Andrew Gold in 1978, had already entered the top 40 of the principal music charts.

Because that is a large subject, it was chosen with precision, and it is an excellent choice now.

3. Muppet Show

(Source: ABC/Disclosure)Source: ABC/Disclosure.

Imagine to be able to present different characters individually and capture the essence of each other without getting boring? The Muppet Show has accomplished exactly that. The track is very timeless with good instruments and an entertaining music video.

2. Friends

Friends’ opening is a very good example of a song that almost everyone knows, even if they don’t even know where it comes from. The rousing lyrics, inviting melody and iconic hand claps really capture all the energy of one of the greatest comedy series of all time!

She represents the friendship that’s developed over ten seasons, he is also responsible for the adventures and the failures we make when we’re next to those that we love. It’s so beautiful to sing along with others, and it’s certainly impossible to go through every episode.

1. The Jeffersons

There’s all that is good in the introduction of a TV series. The track Movin On Up is on the other side. She is the one who accompanies the story of George and Louise Jefferson over the course of ten years, and very briefly presented at the opening.

The song is so iconic that verses were included in No More, which was one of the tracks from the film Tick Tick BOOM, even if it was so many years ago that the series was finished.

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