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Tower Of Fantasy’s New Vera Story Trailer Reveals More About The Dangers Across The Desert And Upcoming Cyberpunk City

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Hotta Studio has released a new and updated Vera 2.0 Sneak Peek trailer for Tower of Fantasy, this time geared toward exploring the dangers across the desert zone and the importance of the cyberpunk city at its center.

Lin, one of the upcoming characters, adds flavor to the trailer by clueing viewers in on the next steps of ToF’s story. She describes Vera as an untamed land and home to Abyssants: Nightmarish creatures emerging from the mysterious “Grey Abyss.” The people safeguarded in Mirroria – the cyberpunk city showcased in the trailer – are locked in an endless battle with these entities. Players will be stepping into a long history of strife and hopelessness, as it seems, and likely resolve the situation if not stave off the invaders from beyond.

Many fans in the comments of the video on YouTube shower the trailer with praise and note the VO for Lin sounded fantastic. How 2.0 shapes up next to 1.0 actually has shocked players due to the visual improvements and its steps to stand out rather than emulating other series in the running. So much so that fans speculate the release for the first expansion is around the corner. The description box for the video does add fuel to speculations, stating “coming in #latefall” but no official date.

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