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Twitch Streamer Trainwreckstv Accuses Mizkif Of Covering Up Sexual Assault

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ItsSliker admitted to scamming over $200,000 from his followers over the weekend. Following this revelation, many Twitch streamers called on the site to ban gambling as a whole. One of these streamers was Mizkif who has since come under fire himself as new allegations have come to light as well as old DMs showing him using slurs and bigoted language.

Asmongold tweeted, “How in the fuck is Sliker not banned on Twitch?” Trainwreckstv responded in defence of gambling, accusing other streamers of twisting the controversy to wage “their war against [him]”. In the midst of this thread, Mizkif responded in a now-deleted tweet, sparking Trainwreck to unearth accusations of covering up sexual assault.

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