Dragon Quest Tact was released in Japan back in the summer of 2020. The RPG which is capable of overcoming classic Dragon Quest monsters to win grid-based paci with over 10 million downloads alone in Japan. Dragon Quest Tact reached the rest of the world in 2021.

While its maker of Square Enix, it seems that two former employees may have gotten caught trying to make a quick buck. According to the report from Asahi Television (via Noisy Pixel), two Square Enix employees were accused of integer trading because they accumulated the stock of a dragonsqest developer before the game was released.

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Both Taisuke Sasaki, a former Dragon Quest XI middleware manager, and Fumiaki Suzuki, a former Dragon Quest X event programmer, have been charged with a violation of Japans financial instruments and exchange laws. The two bought 47 million yen (about 34,000 pounds) of stock from Aim Corporation, the developer of Dragon Quest Tact. Even though it was announced in time, the purchase was pronounced before that was the final sign from the Dragon Quest Tact and before anyone knew that Aim Corporation was working on the game.

“Sasaki and his associates are suspected of buying approximately 47 million yen worth of shares of Aiming, before announcement that Square Enix would partner with Aiming, which develops online games, over mobile phones,” wrote Asahi News.

In this report, Sasaki and Suzuki planned to sell the shares for a much higher price as per the news of Dragon Quest. The report didn’t say if the pair were real selling the shares, or how much.

In the other news of Square Enix, Final Fantasy 16 will apparently feature multiple playable characters. In an interview with Game Watch, the FF16 creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro confirmed that this game will feature more than Clive as a playable character. For most of the 40-hour story, Clive will be accompanied by AI-controlled teammates, but when the player has to join other players than Clive, it will appear that it’ll inevitably take the influence of another player.