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Ubisoft delays the releases of The Division Heartland and Prince of Persia

During the second quarter financial results meeting, Ubisoft announced that it has delayed the release of The Division Heartland and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake.

Originally, the games had to be released during the current fiscal year of the company (which runs until March 2022), but now the French publisher has claimed that the titles will be released before the end of the next fiscal year, bringing the possible release dates of the games to March 31 of 2023.

This is not news that catches us by surprise. The release window for both games was approaching and we didn’t have much information about them.

Heartland was presented in May 2021 as a Free to Play version of The Division universe. We don’t have many details about the game. These are some details that we discovered when the gameplays of the game were leaked.

Heartland is a Free to Play open world action game. Players will arrive in the city of Silver Creek where they will have to enter cooperative PvE expeditions where they will learn all the details of the area. In addition, there is also a mode called “Storm” that puts 45 players to fight against each other. These modes have a common enemy, a dangerous virus never seen before. Players will have to search for items, loot, fight each other and above all, survive. We also know that there will be a season pass.

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