Even with only one month before launch, Skull and Bones really must get no other players on board without paying any attention to the craft. To help improve this project, Ubisoft introduced players to ship-to-ship combat in a new Dev blog.

As would be expected, Skull and Bones combat isn’t so simple as pressing F to fire widesides. Players must learn which weapon is most effective against the best weapons for different types of armor and weak points. Half of the battle is won in preparation, while the other half is probably fought by G.I. Joe and his amazing pirate frigate.

If a player gets the best of another ship, you’ve got to choose: This player can either sink and get reduced loot, or get a boarding for maximum rewards.

A factor that requires consideration in combat is status effects which can cause more damage to your ship or effectively reduce incoming damage, Ubisoft said. Status effects are temporary tense (not to mention debuffs) such as increase speed or injury-of-time (not to mention damage effect effects) that can be applied to your target. Status effects can be applied before combat, by eating certain foods, by using repair kits, or by using certain weapon and damage types.

Source: Skull and Bones.