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Unite to get the Holy See of Ishgard in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

The release of patch 5.11 for FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online encourage all Warriors of Light to work together to return the city of Ishgard to glory.

Following the recent release of patch 5.1, Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Crueltypatch 5.11 features Ishgard Restoration, a new game experience that requires players from different worlds to collaborate to recover and revitalize The Holy See of Ishgard.

Patch 5.11 also brings the following challenges and additional content:

  • Ultimate Difficulty Raid “The Epic of Alexander”: Inspired by the tragic story of a clockwork god who placed his trust in a mortal soul, this Ultimate difficulty Raid will provide a tremendous challenge for even the most skilled players, facing off against a host of enemies from Alexander’s Raid series. .
  • Contents for crafters and gatherers «Ishgard Restoration»: Players from different worlds must work together to make the Firmament district shine again in all its glory. Whether gathering and crafting different building materials or completing various tasks, each player will do their bit in their own unique way and will be rewarded for their contribution to this restoration project.
  • New mounts, minions, emotes, furniture, hairstyles and much more

The full 5.11 patch notes are available here: https://sqex.to/z4Deg


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