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Unknown 9: Awakening Developer, Reflector Entertainment, Has Been Acquired By Bandai Namco

It was earlier this year at Gamescom when we got the reveal for a new game, Unknown 9: Awakening. Set in India, it follows a young girl who discovers that she has powers. Not much else is known about the game, and you can see the brief teaser we got through here, but it seems the developer has impressed someone at Bandai Namco enough to become part of the team.

As announced on Reflector Entertainment’s official website, they have officially been acquired by the Japanese company. Apparently, it is part of a western based expansion from Bandai Namco. Reflector is a relatively young studio, only being formed 2016 to work on projects related to “Storyworlds,” a sort of multi-media universe that includes books, comics and podcasts. Unknown 9: Awakening was to be the latest entry in that. In fact, this is actually their first game.

Unknown 9: Awakening was announced to be coming to PC and “next generation consoles,” though as of now we have no time frame for when to expect it.

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