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Unravel the mystery of Pirates of First Star on Xbox One

Are you ready to explore the strange world of Sonata? Pirates of First Star will give that exact opportunity, and right now it can be found launching on Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download right now for £16.74, Pirates of the First Star on Xbox One initially looks to be a strange one. But as you fall into the shoes of Zach, and get sent out on an adventure to help a skint king, you’ll fast discover a rather unique, old skool adventure.

Playing mostly on the temptation of discovery and exploration, Pirates of First Star will see you wandering the land of Sonata as you hunt down the hidden treasure. Chatting and battling the locals for cash – or to just level up – will see the journey becoming an easier one, as you take on tougher challenges in order to get access to bigger rewards.

In fact, it seems that Pirates of First Star is solely intent on money making opportunities and no matter whether you decide to make your fortune by selling fruit, or prefer to just hang out with the cool kids in the diamond-filled arcade, the choice is yours. Just ensure that whatever you do, you make enough money to keep the king happy and discover the mysteries of the First Star

Features of Pirates of First Star on Xbox One include:

  • Explore the island of Sonata in search of treasure
  • Grow and sell fruit out of your garden
  • Play the Arrrrrcade game to earn diamonds
  • Meet people all over the island and battle them
  • Level up to take on bigger challenges

Fancy helping the king out? Reckon you have what it takes to find that First Star loot? You’ll want to whizz yourself over to the Xbox Store right now and pick up Pirates of First Star on Xbox One immediately.

Let us know in the comments if you do decide to give it a shot.

Game Description:

The king is broke! Out of desperation, he rallies his illegitimate children in hopes that they’ll help him find the legendary “First Star” treasure. Unfortunately, only one decides to help. This sends Zach (that’s you) on an adventure to unravel the mystery of the First Star treasure. Pirates of First Star is a unique old school style adventure game that tasks you with discovery and exploration more than anything else. There are secrets everywhere! Battling the locals is a good way to get a few tips, make some money, or level up. You can also bring your garden back to life and sell crates of fruit to the mayor, or just hang out in the tavern and play a few rounds of the addicting Outright card game.

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