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Valorant coming to console as Riot hires to expand team

Riot’s currently PC-only tactical FPS Valorant looks to be coming to consoles in the future, as a recent job post for the developer is asking for someone to help “help bring console game products to market.”

Hitmarker has posted a job listing for a senior game designer to work with Riot on its popular tactical first-person shooter Valorant, with the successful applicant helping to “bring console game products to market” (thanks, Dot Esports).

Riot begins hiring additional developers to help bring Valorant to console

This posting follows last week’s vacancy, which was looking for a game design manager to work on Valorant for consoles with a focus on console FPS combat. It’s worth saying that Riot is yet to speak about the console port, so any release schedule, platforms, or anything else for that matter is yet to be revealed. By the look of the positions currently being filled, the project could be in its early stages of development.

Earlier this year, a data miner found a string of Valorant files related to the PlayStation Network servers, so it would seem that the company is testing the game on additional systems. Riot had previously said that a mobile version of the game is on the way, so it looks like anyone wanting to play Valorant on systems other than a PC could have a number of options in the future.

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