The games team allegedly departed much of the series’ essence, trying to make some ambitious ideas a lot more interesting as well. As such, the creators aren’t devoted enough time to the elements that made the series fascinating in the past.

Zampella added that all these ideas were not bad in essence, but the gap between ideas and implementation led to a poor result. The author noted that if the merger was to become the main business of EA – and in December, it would be beneficial.

According to Zampella, the same structure is now completely different within its context, different studios put together and developers have sufficient time for a successful project.

Vince Zampella

In the same interview, Zampella talked about his experience at the 2015 studio, and started working at a Half Life add-on with Gearbox. But Valve representatives clearly didn’t like the director of 2015, so the project did not pass the deadline. The studio moved further on to the Medal of Honor series.

The author is very proud of his achievements, because he has abandoned his usual role in the creation of shooters, securing a new task for himself and his team.

Even though Zampella considers shooting-styles to be much more effective, the audience is full of people who like both.