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Vulcan Forged Introduces Troy as a Major Expansion to its Flagship MMORPG VulcanVerse

Troy will be an open world that co-exists with VulcanVerse, offering expanded gameplay to all fans.

Vulcan Forged is looking to add more features to VulcanVerse

Bull or bear, Vulcan Forged is one of the few blockchain game studios that have been busy building regardless of market conditions. The firm has recently introduced Troy and a list of major expansions to its flagship MMORPG VulcanVerse. 

As the team gets bigger, Vulcan Forged is launching a refactoring process to improve the source code and architecture of VulcanVerse. Troy, a new map with expanded gameplay, is the first significant expansion to this game. 

According to the studio, this brand new world will co-exist with VulcanVerse, allowing gamers to travel between the two to play and earn. Vulcan has also released an early design of Troy. As shown below, it will be an open world centered around a village with small outlying plot clusters. 

Player plots and neutral lands will be available as well. This includes foraging grounds, mountains, forests, and rivers, to support its in-game economy and building functionality.

On top of that, the team has planned for several more features, such as PvE battles, dungeons, arenas, raids, and other expansions. VulcanVerse is also under public testing, allowing developers to fix unwanted bugs quickly. 

“The public testing group is a valuable and important auditory for our game and community feedback. We have an internal system of gathering comments, ideas, and questions from users. The QA team, game designers, and management are monitoring this closely. As of this moment, every discovered bug is registered and resolved on average within 2–3 days,” wrote Vulcan Forged’s Development Team. 

Another new feature, Fishing, also went live in VulcanVerse today. Players can check out the future plans for VulcanVerse and how to get started in this blockchain MMORPG here. 

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