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Wakfu Goes Free to Play

ANKAMA announces that its famous MMORPG WAKFU is officially released in its free to play version.

WAKFU was originally launched in February 2012, under the subscription payment model (approximate cost of 6 euros per month). After two years of constant evolution, ANKAMA decided to modify its model towards the free one, launching WAKFU completely free of subscriptions, and in open beta, on July 10, 2014. Today, August 14, 2014, ANKAMA ends the Open Beta and announce the official release of WAKFU. Just 4 weeks under the subscription-free model have been enough for WAKFU to multiply its global user base, successfully transitioning to the free model, which began last year and ended today.

From today, all new users will be able to download and play WAKFU for free, knowing that thousands of players have played hundreds of hours, in order to offer a fantastic experience to new users.

WAKFU is a turn-based tactical MMORPG video game developed by Ankama Games. After the cataclysm known as Ogrest’s Chaos, the world lies in ruins. Everything needs to be restored, and you can help as a fighter, as a merchant, craftsman, etc. In WAKFU everything will depend on you. The in-game experience is based on a unique political system with which you can influence thousands of players by becoming a leading citizen of your nation. You can even have a career as governor. You can also influence the economic system of the WAKFU world.

Official Site | http://www.wakfu.com/es/mmorpg


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