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Warframe announced for Nintendo Switch

The TennoCon is the annual convention Digital Extremes prepare for Warframe players around the world. This year it is the third one that is celebrated and the Canadian developer has left some very interesting announcements. One of them is the release of Warframe, the free cooperative MMO, for switch. Digital Extremes has partnered with developer Panic Button (DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, Rocket League) to bring the title to the latest Nintendo console.

The best thing is that you see it in action:

Warframe is a cooperative PC game that features more than 38 million registered users all over the world. The title combines cooperative action combat with a Free to Play model. All embarked on an ever-changing science fiction world. It is currently available on Steam, Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4, and very soon it will also be released on Nintendo Switch. Warframe gives players the opportunity to master Tenno armor. Each of them embodies a different role and way of playing. There are currently 35 unique Warframes in the game and thousands of customization options, weapons and items. There is also a pet system, clans, and an open world.

Official Site | Warframe

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