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Warframe’s big new quality of life update is making it easier to build your own Railjack Plus loads of other improvements out now on PC.

Warframe’s first major update of 2020 is now live on PC, and it’s a massive quality of life release impacting a substantial range of areas. It’s intended to lay the foundations not only for the upcoming Operation Scarlet Spear, but for the year ahead too.

Developer Digital Extremes is calling today’s update Warframe Revised, and it brings a total of 20 top-level changes to the experience, including AI aimbot improvements, self-damage removal, increased FOV settings, new HDR and deferred rendering support, and significant overhauls to Warframe’s armour, health, and shield system.

However, the most notable adjustments for those not thoroughly entrenched in Warframe are arguably those relating to the Rising Tide quest added at the end of last year. This served as onboarding for Warframe’s subsequent deep-space-combat-focussed Empyrean update, enabling players to build their own dry dock and Railjack ship to take to the stars.

As Digital Extremes explains it, though, the barrier to entry was simply too high – something it’s able to support “conclusively with months of stats” – and only Warframe veterans saw Rising Tide to its conclusion. As such, today’s update features a revised series of Rising Tide Blueprints, reducing costs for Railjack parts by 66%-75%, as well as reducing build time to 6 hours each.

“To sustain the cost of future development and events like Scarlet Spear,” says Digital Extremes, “accessibility is key and we have to adjust the barriers to entry for Railjack.” Those particularly dedicated players that already completed the original version of Rising Tide will have the difference in resources returned and receive two Rush Repair Drones as compensation.

The remaining changes in today’s Revised update, while notable, go deep into Warframe’s many and varied systems, and the resulting patch notes are almost 6,000 words long, so impossible to summarise in any meaningful way. They’re well worth picking over though, and those with time to spare can also investigate the mammoth accompanying developer video, running for well over an hour, that goes into even greater detail.

Digital Extremes says it will be iterating on these latest revisions ready for the imminent launch of Scarlet Spear, which it calls “the biggest Operation in Warframe’s history”. This next update is expected to arrive later this month and will see Tenno squads in the air and on the ground teaming up to quell a Sentient invasion. It will be followed by The Deadlock Protocol, bringing new Warframe Protea and a remastered Corpus ships tileset, in April.

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