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Warhammer 40K: Darktide – Weapon stats; Finesse explained

In this article you will learn what Finesse is in Darktide. You will also discover about other weapon stats.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide presents a fairly wide range of weaponry. Each weapon is also described with various statistics. However, these are sometimes unclear and their meaning often has to be guessed at. In this article, we will try to clarify the situation a little for you. Below you will find a list of weapon stats and their likely meaning. Find out what finesse is.

In Darktide, weapons have different statistics. It’s worth noting that some are assigned to specific weapons, and these are sometimes unique to classes. This means that you may not encounter some of them unless you play all the characters in the game. This also causes the list presented in this article may not be complete, or will become so as the game develops. Keep this in mind.

Basic information

Weapon stats

  1. Ammo – amount of ammunition in the magazine and its total reserve.
  2. Blast Radius – this statistic affects the AOE of weapons.
  3. Burn – damage caused by fire.
  4. Charge Rate – weapon loading speed.
  5. Cleave Targets – how many opponents your weapon can cut through with one blow.
  6. Cleave Damage – the damage your weapon inflicts on opponents in one hit (not including the first enemy).
  7. Cloud Radius – the range of spray weapons such as Flamer.
  8. Collateral – probably indicates how many bullets can penetrate the enemy’s armour.
  9. Crowd Control – a statistic showing how good your weapon is at staggering your opponents.
  10. Damage – damage inflicted by weapons.
  11. Defences – indicates how much stamina is used up when blocking with weapons.
  12. Finesse – this statistic shows how much damage an opponent will receive if you hit them in the head or a weak spot.
  13. First Target – a stat showing how much damage you inflict on the first enemy hit.
  14. Mobility – this weapon characteristic shows what bonuses you get for mobility (e.g. sprinting, dodging, aiming).
  15. Penetration – effectiveness of weapons against armoured opponents.
  16. Quell Speed – the speed with which Pskyer can quell the perils of the warp.
  17. Reload speed – how fast the weapon reloads.
  18. Stability – reduction of weapon recoil, also affects the precision of swinging the weapon for melee combat.
  19. Stamina – bonus to Stamina.
  20. Stopping Power – this statistic shows how well the weapon performs in staggering opponents.
  21. Warp Resistance – this stat seems to have an impact on the generation of Peril.

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