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Warlords Awakening has been announced

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Warlords Awakening has been presented by Play with Interactive. Warlords Awakening is a Hack n ‘Slash MMO that is nearing completion of development. Some will see the differences between this game and ELOA. Playwith is using materials from the discontinued ELOA to assemble this one. It is still not very clear what the differences between ELOA and Warlords Awakening will be, although they assure that the game has added improvements, various modifications and resources have been optimized.

The game takes place in the mystical world of Epheiawhere users will fight on the same stage, create their own characters, fight each other in different PvP modes and face the most powerful titans.

The company expects user participation during the betas. They hope to collect a lot of comments and feedback to see what works and what doesn’t for the launch. During this period, they hope to add many more monsters, raise the level cap, and grant access to additional dungeons.

The company plans to release the full version of the game in October this year. It will not come out in Spanish but they propose its translation for the future.

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