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Warlords Awakening – Prices and dates for ELOA relaunch

We already have the prices and release dates for the early access of this return to life of the mythical MMOARPG, ELOA. Early access on Steam will start next July 26.

In order to play it will be necessary to buy at least the basic pack with the game.

These are the packs they offer:

  • Warlords Awakening Game ($11.99)

    The essential basic game to be able to play

  • Warlords Awakening Early Access Limited Package ($22.99)

    Pack with pet, costume, title and some other extras

  • Warlords Awakening Bundle ($29.99)

    The two packs above together but with a discount

This is the third time ELOA has come back to life. One of the main drawbacks of the community with this game was always the Pay2win. With this new version and the new business model, Playwith wants to fix that aspect. We’ll see how it goes.


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