Twitch has decided to transform its revenue-sharing model into more transparent. I have the same story today, since when he sent a tweet about that today.

Many people think that Twitch is the best platform for streamers, particularly for those looking for a career out of it. While the platform uses 50/50 basis revenue to earn subscription income, not everybody has the same deals.

The Twitch community has kept in secret that the company offers standard subscription terms to select streams as their channels expand.

Streamers are and always will be the foundation of our global community. He put his passion and hard work into love with his creative genius, Clancy said. We can’t run this service unless you don’t make money. That’s not a drawback. It’s by design. This innate partnership is the reason we support all streamers career and ambitions like they are their own.

Twitch confirms the changes to rev split from June 2023, however, Twitch won’t offer a 70/30 split no streamers who do 70/30 split get 50/50 split after $100k earnings.

Ben (@Nibellion) September 21, 2022

Clancy continued to reveal that the company made the decision to abandon offering premium agreements (“a 70/30 revenue split) to new streamers that aren’t on these terms yet.

According to Clancy, the premiums exacerbated Twitch::

  • The company did not have enough of a transparent opinion about the existence of such deals.
  • Twitch haven’t had strong qualifiers. The premium deals were generally given to larger streamers.
  • The management doesn’t believe that the streamer who have standard contracts can’t afford to make different money choices by the size of their shares.

Twitch is updating its pricing. One of their two centisecond shareholders will share the first $1 million earned by subscription. If revenue exceeds $100,000, then it will be 50/50 split from the streamer to the platform.

Clancy said that these changes won’t be implemented now. They’re going into effect on June 1, 2023, and streamers will not be affected until their existing contracts are ready to renew.

I said it’s all streamers with these terms that receive this information and more via email, and so would you give them accurate updates and timelines a little closer to the start of June 1, 2023, he said.

According to Clancy, the upcoming changes won’t affect the majority of streamers (about 90 percent) on the platform. Although the top streamers may be hit in the future, Twitch is making it up to them by offering an alternative way to earn revenue. Ad revenue is increased to 55 percent by applying the Ads Incentive Program. Large streamers are able to recover their losses.

The reason is often that Twitch moved to the 1970/30 split model. In particular, the cost of delivering the service was enormously high.

He said giving live video high definition, high latency and available to nearly every corner of the world cost a living project.

It looks like the platform is a future-looking way towards the 50/50 revenue split model despite more than two thousand streamers signing an UserVoice petition asking for the 70/30 split for everyone.