Some time ago there was talk of possibility of a replacement for Nintendo Switch PRO / 4KIThere’s no point that the company may start new hardware, the information appears in a Nikkei interview with the Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa.

Since it was translated and shared on his Twitter account by Bloombergs Takashi Mochizuki, the interview touches on a variety of matters including the launch of a new Nintendo console. According to the article, it’s absolutely prohibited to bring a new console for this fiscal year. It’s not clear whether this is an announcement by Furukawa or a consideration by the interviewer.

Will this mean that a new switch be released in 2023? To get to the conclusion, the time has come to light that Nintendo doesn’t have any plans for this fiscal year to install new hardware for the first time, so there is no new generation model for April 2023.

According to a rumor from China that a new switch will be announced in September, a change expected but, as mentioned previously, this event appears to be somewhat unlikely due to the words that emerged from the Nikkei hours that followed. The manufacturing of Nintendo Switch is accelerating. In recent days rumors spread in Japan about a possible price increase in the price of Nintendo Switch in order to counter inflation, but the same house denied it to Tokyo.