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Wilder World Reveals Wiami Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

The developers have shared pre-alpha gameplay footage of Wiami, the first city of the Wilder World metaverse, giving us a glimpse of the futuristic environments that players will be able to explore in third-person view.

The Wilder World team posted a tweet on the first day of the year in which they shared pre-alpha gameplay footage of Wiami, giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to be in their Ethereum-based sci-fi metaverse that’s in development on Unreal Engine 5.

The lengthy 6-minute video starts off with the player waking up on a rainy day in their own futuristic crib. After analyzing some data with the help of a flying robot assistant and finding out that a monster has invaded the game’s universe, the player makes their way outside the building, stepping out onto the streets of Alpha District in third-person view. 

Wiami is the first city of this 3D metaverse, and is actually a 1 to 1 geographical replica of Miami, successfully achieved thanks to the usage of lidar data, making this a cyberpunk version of the US metropolis. The crib seen in the video above is actually an NFT that players can purchase on the official Wilder World metaverse market using the core WILD token, as well as on OpenSea using ETH. There are various other NFTs available too, including procedurally-generated vehicles in the Wilder Wheels collection, shoes featuring “dynamic gameplay abilities” under Wilder Kicks and more.

Wilder World is described as being a “5D metaverse” as well as the world’s “First Fully Decentralized and Community Owned Photorealistic Metaverse Project”. It’s one of the 4 universes part of the ZERO Network, an all-in-one protocol suite for creating DAOs.

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