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Wildstar: Carbine works against the problem of depopulation

One of the main problems with MMORPGs these days is the population of the servers. This time the turn has come to wild starthe new MMORPG of NCSoft Y Carbine Studios. The title, launched three months ago, started off on a very good footing and with a player base that forced the team to launch new servers to avoid queues during the first days.

Now, as has been commented by several fansites, there are servers with quite deserted cities, depopulation begins to show in Wildstar. But there is good news, and that is that the Carbine Studios team is already at work and is thinking of solutions to bring together all the remaining players.

This afternoon the producer of the game, Stephen Frost has responded via Twitter to the fans, and has reassured them by commenting that they are looking for solutions to the problem.

Solutions that those of us who have been in this for many years already see coming and that is that sooner or later they will have to merge servers, although it is not yet confirmed and they look for other solutions, and if they occur now it remains to be seen which servers will be maintained and which will not.

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