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Wildstar: Megaservers Announced

Carbine Studios announced today on its official forum that the megaservers they will arrive soon to wild star. This is the solution that the developers have come up with as part of the measures against the depopulation of the game.

With the new model of Megaservers, there will be only one for PvP and one for PvE for each “Data Center”. This will get everyone looking for a game to go to the same place, thus unifying all the queues by region.

When the time comes, all clans, arena teams, circles, emails, and auction items will be transferred to the new megaserver. Another of the affected features will be the chat, which will now have specific tabs for role-playing, for French and German.

More details are expected soon, and you can read the official post in the WildStar Official Forum.


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