The group announced today that LEC team Rogue won’t be in the Berlin-based studio this week due to a recent case of COVID in the team.

Rogue said that the decision to play online instead of in the studio was in collaboration with Riot Games and it’s the safest strategy for the teams players and those who would also be in the studio. Rogue is set to play MAD Lions and SK Gaming in the next two days.

Because of a recent case of COVID, we determined to get a safe way of action with Riot that would not be to play in the studio this weekend. We, like everybody in the studio, prioritize our players and their health prior to the end. During the Rift #gorogue show, we’ll see you in the Rift #gorogue.

Rogue (@Rogue) August 4, 2022

Because of the recent case of COVID, we decided to join Riot to ensure that the safest course of action is to not play in the studio this weekend. In our organizations, we focus primarily on our players and the health of everyone in the studio. See you on the Rift #gorogue!

Although this is insignificantly bad for the competitiveness of the games, the video game doesn’t make any noise from the LA. Team BDS handled the agreable Agresivoo Cibas positive COVID test in July in a similar way to the top laner in the class in the game. SK did the same thing on a month ago, when Janik JNX Bartels tested positive.

In 2009, according to the LEC, the number of cases of COVID in Berlin a month has slowly risen to fewer than three new cases per day – since the number of new cases in July increased to almost 4000.