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World of Tanks Blitz Debuts New Mode: Supremacy

One of the most played free to play mobile tank titles has just received a new game mode that will challenge the most skilled players. The new Supremacy mode will pit players against protecting and capturing new bases scattered across the battlefield. Completely innovative, players will have to create new battle plans on familiar terrain to achieve supremacy and claim victory.

The premise of this new game mode is simple. On each map there are several bases that need to be captured. With each capture the winning team earns more points. The more bases a team controls, the faster they accumulate points. Players need to accumulate 1,000 points to win, or if destruction is more their thing, taking down the opposition will be enough to take them by storm.

Ultimately, in this mode anything goes. Any T.VX vehicle can make the team take the glory. However, tactics, teamwork and preparation are essential for success because the mission cannot be carried out without a good action plan.

“We are always experimenting with new game modes to keep our players interested,” said Artem Safronov, World of Tanks Blitz Global Publishing Producer. “This new modality has been developed in such a way that any vehicle can provide maximum effectiveness in battle. Supremacy encourages active fighting in relation to base capture and encourages greater gameplay and teamwork.”

While enjoying the new game mode, players should check it out from the new updated map Falls Creek. The map has been visually transformed, which means that the way you deal with your environment will also vary.

For more information about Supremacy and more news this latest update visit the official website: http://wotblitz.eu


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