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World Of Tanks Is Celebrating It’s First Steam Anniversary

Today, World of Tanks by developer Wargaming is celebrating the first anniversary of its arrival on Steam, giving out free DLC that lets fans get the Cromwell B tank. In addition, players can have fun with some in-game activities and participate in the Anniversary Giveaway from today to May 23.

Since it launched on Steam, World of Tanks has held plenty of cross-play matches for millions of PC players. To celebrate its vast fanbase, everyone who joins in on “the festivities via Steam is getting a free Tier VI British Cromwell tank.” The tank is famously known to be super fun to players due to its “decent speed, maneuverability, and rapid reload time” on the battlefield. It can help with flanking enemies or quickly help teammates across the map under heavy fire. To get the tank, purchase the 100% discounted “Lightweight Fighter Pack” on Steam before May 23.

In-game Anniversary Mission will be available until May 23 too, totaling five missions that players can complete consecutively for in-game resources and unique anniversary tokens. Those tokens can be used to get anniversary rewards like Garage Slots, Credits, a Universal Manual for crews, and much more. There’s also a secret surprise present for fans who check out the in-game store.

You can read up on the World of Tanks anniversary event on Steam! But will you be joining the festivities? Let us know in the comments!

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