If you want to redeem the offer, the only deal for a limited time is $0.71. The latest game to ever rank above the Xbox Series X saga is Forza Horizon 5, which boasts 92 points on Metacritic, a score which makes it the highest-rated exclusive of the console. Despite the fact that it was released last year, it became the best racing game in the world. The game also went viral on millions of fans. That said, if you don’t have Xbox Game Pass and want to test it out, or just want to buy it, you can now buy over a dollar. In fact, you could get this and the other two for this price.

As Wario 64 spreads over on Twitter, the Forza Horizon 4 + 5 Premium Edition is currently 7.59 SEK (0,61/$7,71) on Xbox Sweden. That said, you can change your country to Sweden with your Xbox console and do a payment with PayPal. And of course, this also applies to Xbox One.

The deal is still going to end at the time of publication, and the workaround appears to be still effective. If you aren’t careful, it will be interesting to note that you’re thinking about it until you’ve finished reading it. The price of the package has been fixed – confirming that this was a price error.

Upgrade your region to Sweden on the Xbox console and buy by PayPal. It works for me pic.twitter.com/dWOQrhYeB5.

Alex (@AlexMay321) November 17, 2022

You will want your first jumper, an official game from Xbox. Exlore the beautiful open world landscapes of Mexico with breathtaking, fun driving actions and with huge carports. Take a ride to the Hot Wheels Park and enjoy the more extreme tracks he’s ever devised. Requires Forza Horizon 5 game, expansion sold separately.”

Forza Horizon 5, many negative comments, can’t be said. The animation is great and complex, the music is excellent, there are loads of cars to unlock, and the beauty is so spectacular. The whole package is really breathtaking. Playground Games found a lot of ways to bring Mexico to life by taking advantage of its diversity, as well as pushing the Xbox Series X to its best of terms. If you own a console, you owe it to yourself to try Forza Horizon 5 – if so, you don’t buy a copy, or play it through the Xbox Game Pass. It may be one of the best shows of the next-gen era so far.”