It seems that Bandai Namco and the developer CyberConnect2 have never planned to abandon Dragon Ball Z soon. The RPG, which was released in January 2020, received some DLC throughout its life, but also three more storylines and a free card game. A little bit of DLC, Trunks: The Warrior of Hope, came out in June 2021 and it seemed as though CyberConnect2s continued support for the game. As it turns out, CyberConnect has a full 2 seasons worth of DLC coming for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and it begins with a new story called Bardock Alone Against Fate.

As stated earlier, this upcoming DLC centers around the father of Goku, who debuted in the TV special Dragon Ball Z, which was for the 90s to portray the long-dead man by the name of Bardock the Father of Goku. The DLC adapts events of specials allowing players to roam around planet Vegeta, including a Saiyan community, the Frieza military base, etc.

What was the father of the kilosi?

For those unfamiliar with the TV special, it starts with Bardock while he is performing the role of Frieza, one of the world’s most famous antagonists. When he thinks Frieza aims to wipe the Saiyans, Bardock turns against his boss and attempts to foil his plans. Unfortunately, he isn’t successful, as Frieza manages to obliterate him and most of his fellow Saiyans. The story tells a lot about how Goku arrived on Earth in the Dragon Ball series.

One of the two seasons of Dragon Ball Z will become the second season pass. Kurot will have three more DLC stories, including one from Bardock. And for all we know, the game could be full of season passes and storylines. Players will get acquainted with this book the Bardocks stories with some new playtime next year.